Tobias Schrott goes Silicon Valley Video Pitch 🇦🇹+🇺🇸=🚀

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We are and we connect hosts and travellers through unique experiences.

We do that because both our hotel customers and ourselves truly believe that hotels are more than just a nice place to sleep.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we have grown +800% in happy b2b customers in the past 12 months besides the fact that we have a mega team and a quite unique approach. Additionally we have grown our SaaS MRR to +€25,000 in the last few months and have already reached CF break-even.

But that is only the start of what we want to accomplish with as a future travel platform. As demand is growing non-stop and we can take tourism to a whole new level with we are looking for the right partners networks within Silicon Valley to scale globally and challenge the markets status quo with our b2b2c approach.

Enjoy our pitch! 🤓

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Tobias Schrott
Unser passionierter Gründer Tobias ist schon seit Kindertagen Im Tourismus involviert und coacht Gastgeber in ganz Europa, um aufzuzeigen wie Erlebnisse die Hotellerie Nachhaltig verändern. ‍